Releasing our Nature

Nature as the Path

We conceive nature not as a destination, nor through the illusion of a perfect paradise that we construct through culture, but as a path that leads us to a higher form of understanding and connects us with our values and qualities. Understanding it, respecting it, and reconnecting with it grant us opportunities for personal and collective growth. It opens us up to dive deeper into ourselves and to embrace collaboration.

the horses

Horses saved so far

Harmony and Reciprocity

What we do for the animals we save from a torturous death, we do for ourselves. The emotions we connect with by being part of the project give us the opportunity to develop or expand our most human values, such as empathy, care, collaboration, and giving.

the tribe

Active sanctuaries

Community and Sanctuary

The shelter we provide for the animals is, at the same time, our own refuge, since we can embody the values that can save this world. This bond takes the form of a community that sustains us and allows us to grow.

The founders

Martín Erro

Post-Graduate Degree in International Business.

Entrepreneur and businessman.

Teacher and Equine Education Advisor with over 3000 students.

Pablo Amorín

Post-Graduate Degree in Agricultural Sciences (F.C.A. – Uruguay)

Professional Horse Trainer – 20 years of International Experience.

Teacher of Equestrian Skills at the Technical University of Uruguay (U.T.U.).

our partners

our partners

The world supports us


Primitivo is our impulse to connect with nature through respect, care, and harmony; to understand the wisdom that exists in it and within ourselves. Primitivo is the desire to reclaim communities where values and efforts are shared. Primitivo means returning to the origin, primary, original, linked to our essence, pure, and free (stripped) from the influence of society, culture, and the system. Primitivo is the type of bond we propose to reestablish with nature and all beings.

contact us

+598 99 263 696

+598 95 356 536

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